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Credit Card | Secured Credit Card

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Credit Card | Secured Credit Card

A credit card is a mega term entailing bounties of information. Stay connected to unveil more about the credit card. What types you can avail, The payment terms, what impacts it can have on your credit or financial situation. For editing the credit card statement, It is must to know each and everything about the credit card so that you can edit the credit card statement as it has never been modified. Contact at bankstatementediting for more services of editing !

The information on secured credit card will be revealed in this article so let’s dwell in the credit card world!

Secured Credit Card

A secured credit card is described as, “the credit card that provides you security to deposit amount against the credit card’s credit limit. ” The security card is recommended to those:

  • Who face problems in procuring a regular credit card.
  • Who have not good credit history or have not yet established any credit history.

It is more or less like a regular card with a difference that your credit limit is secured with  a deposit. Your credit limit will be manifested as a percentage of your security deposit. Many banks are in a way to put your deposit into an interest bearing savings account. Where it lingers till you are done with paying the balance that leads to the closing of your account.

Secured Credit Card and Unsecured Credit Card

As we have mentioned that the difference is of credit limit security at deposit. However, it is mostly synonymous to unsecured credit card. If you are making purchases using your secured credit card. Then, your available credit is being slashed so you have to make monthly minimum payments on time to avoid any surplus charges. But if you are lucky to have a grace period on your secured credit card. You can avoid any extra charges by paying the entire balance monthly. Though, you will be charged with late fee or late payment penalties if you are late on due.

Usually, secured credit card have more fees than the unsecured credit card. And some even charge or apply high interest rates, credit limit increase fee and monthly account fees.So, it has its dark sides too where its bright sides transcend.

You might be thinking that you are secured with credit limit, but still you have to make payments. If you are being late on making payments, the report will be sent to the credit bureaus thus impacting your credit score. If you are default on your credit history then, your account will be closed that will be making you loose your security deposit.

For more information on how you can save yourself from being affected by credit card, stay connected and keep reading!

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