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Credit Card Statement | Get to know about your credit card statement

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Credit Card Statement | Get to know about your credit card statement

Credit card statement is what keeps you aware of all the spending and let you be careful in your spending next time. You have to be very responsible enough to deal with you fiscal matters. Keeping credit card is not enough rather you have to be completely aware of it is what necessity is. But most people just keep the credit card statement for bragging about their affluence.

It is a tedious job to keep track of all the transaction and then comparing them with the receipts that you have kept safe with you. But what if that all details are manifested on a single piece of document and that is credit card statement. Your credit card statement should be kept in archives and in a good position thus marinating a good credit score which is possible if you are making payments on time.

What is a credit card statement?

The very question you should ask your credit union when you ask them for a credit card statement. It has a statement that is sent over a billing period that can be monthly or annually, including the list of all the purchase, payments and other charges made to your account within the billing period.

You have sent the credit card statement by your credit card union or bank after every month to keep you aware of your expenditures. Do read your credit card statement carefully and review each and every component on credit card statement so that you may not face any serious problem.

Components of Credit Card:

Following are the components of credit card statement:

  • Your balance from the previous billing cycle
  • The minimum payment due
  • The payment due date
  • Late fee that will be charged if you pay late
  • A summary and detailed list of payments, credits, purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, fees, interest, and other debits made to your account
  • A breakdown of the types of balances on your account and the interest rate and interest charges for each
  • Your credit limit and available credit
  • The number of days in your billing period
  • know your credit card statement
  • Total amount of interest and fees paid year-to-date
  • Contact information for your credit card issuer
  • Rewards earned or redeemed, if applicable

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